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The Process of Developing a Mobile App

With an increasing number of mobile users worldwide, mobile application development has also accelerated at a drastic pace. It has become important for an IT firm or an enterprise to develop mobile apps to take their business to new heights and give a neck to neck competition to other enterprises. We, at Skylark (an app development company), provide the best mobile app development services for Android, iOS devices, and Windows devices. We provide native and cross-platform based applications services for each device.

Mobile app development is a tedious task. Every app is unique and takes a different approach for development. It involves a lot of steps and consideration which is taken care of by us while development. We have a separate team of experts for different types of platform. If you are looking for any kind of development services such as enterprise mobile app development, social networking app, transaction app, or you want to customize any app, we will provide you with the optimal solutions.

Here is the process and approach that we follow.

Generating the Basic Idea

The most important step in mobile app development is ideation. In this step, all the questions such as, the app is intended for whom, what are the technical complexities involved, what will be the look and feel of the app, etc., are answered. This step also helps analyze the time and approximate cost of the project. The output of this phase is very wide ranging. It gives an idea about the strategy, visual design, information architecture, etc. For this, vigorous market research is done by our team, so that your ideas can be turned into reality.

Laying out the Framework

Another crucial stage in app development is to determine the platform on which the app will be designed, the features of the app, all the modules, etc. It is very important to provide the right and creative input in order to get the desired output. A road-map is created with business needs for deciding the final implementation approach. It may be possible that some of the requirements are not feasible. Once these questions are answered, our proficient team starts designing the app.

Designing the App

After the requirement of the clients is understood and analyzed, another phase of mobile app development, i.e., the designing phase begins. The look and the feel are very crucial for any mobile application. Our clients are, therefore, consulted, and their feedback is taken at every step of designing so that the best UX (user experience) can be mapped. The UI (user interface) of the application should be appealing and crisp. If the users are not happy with the layout of the app, they will simply not download the app or will uninstall it. We make sure that the graphics of the app are awesome, do not get pixelated, and works well on all screen sizes and resolution.

Programming and Development

Based on the suggestions and requirements of our client, we start the development phase. This is the most crucial and time-consuming step for any app. Our developers start with rich programming codes at the very initial level so that best output is obtained. We work in modules so after completing one phase we move on to another phase. We, at Skylark, develop the best custom, cross-platform and native apps for iOS, windows, and android devices. Our developers ensure that the app is fully functional, and every user requirement is fulfilled. After completing this phase, testing is done.

Testing and Debugging

Without testing and debugging phase, the app development process is incomplete. Before releasing a complete app, every phase and every module of the app is tested at Skylark. We have a professional team of mobile app developers and testers who tell us whether the app works in real time environment or not by beta testing. Before beta testing, UAT (user acceptance testing) is also performed. It is very important to test the app for the particular mobile for which it is designed, to see how it performs. We check the app for the respective mobile, cross-platform compatibility, images, graphics, etc.
In the debugging phase, every bug is identified and fixed to ensure speedy performance and seamless user experience.

Launch and Upgradation

We also take care of the launch of the app. Once all the above steps are completed, and the client is satisfied with the app, we provide services to launch the app. We also take care of the day/date on which our client wants to launch the application. After the review is done and app is finalized by the client, the app is released in the app store. This is not all, as everyone is aware that every app requires timely updates and new features, we also take care of this. Updating an app is not an easy task, it requires an expert team and is same as developing any new app from the scratch. We provide upgradation services for the app accordingly.