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Privacy Policy

Skylark is committed towards the confidentiality of its visitors and customers. No matter what is your reason to communicate with skylark, your privacy is our priority. Our policy clearly shows that in case our website visitors face any issues while accessing our web servers, we can use their IP address to solve their problems. To provide the authoritative information about our site, we may need the personal information of the users. While accessing if you give your personal information to us, we believe that you have read all the terms and conditions written in our policy statement and agree to it.

Note:- Skylark is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of other websites whose links and content we have shared.

Collecting User’s Information

You can get in touch with us by filling an order form or by requesting a quote. The purpose of collecting information like first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, email address, gender, contact address and personal data is to identify our visitors or customers. We ensure not to update, disclose, sell or share the information provided by you. Our trusted sources or partners can  use it to provide additional support to your project.

Information Collected via Technology

When users visit our website, we collect the information about their domain names and IP addresses. The reason behind this collection of information is to analyze the statistics such as viewed pages, number of visits on the website, time spent by visitors on the website, etc. With this, we also improve the experience of our users and visitors. Besides cookies, information can also be collected with the help of navigational data (such as URL) to find out the time of visit, browser, and operating system of the user.


Just like other websites, Skylark also uses cookies to identify the web browsers of the users. Cookies also transfer state information to the user’s browser and from browser back to the site.

Cookies are the web bodies used by the company for user authentication and recognization, acknowledgment of user’s choices and preferences, analyzing user’s shopping cart contents and everything that can be phished out. They are stored in the form of data on user’s computer. In order to keep each user’s information isolated from others, tenacious and recognizable cookies are used by the website. Customers have the choice to block or disable the cookies, but once after doing this, they can’t see the site in its original design. Cookies used on our site are used to collect information including –

  • The host with the help of which user accesses his/her web services, his/her domain’s name, and internet addresses of the websites that are directly linked to Skylark.
  • Complete information about the pages visited by the user and date and time of access to the site.
  • IP addresses of users’ and visitors’ systems, operating systems, platforms and the type and version of web browser they use.
  • Profile information (that is not personal) and demographics of the users and visitors.
  • Facts that would help counter fraud and misuse of information.

Pixel Tags

In case, we contact you via email, we might use pixel tags that can figure out if the software of your email or site can show HTML text as it is a must for us to advance the email messages and save our bandwidth.

Collecting Information from Third Parties

Third party sites place their ads on Skylark’s site and reach the user’s computer using our cookies. These corporations use information from the customers who visit our site and the advertisements that are served to the users and visitors. They can also put their unique cookies on the client’s browser. Mediums like web beacons and tracking bugs are used to identify user’s browser via third party cookies that are placed by ad companies on Skylark. These cookies are completely different for every corporation and are particularly designed by the ad companies. Only a few of them provide an opt-out mechanism.

Promotions, Sweepstakes, and Contests

Skylark conducts promotions, sweepstakes, and contests from time to time. You may be asked for your personal information and permission to pass it to third parties if you want to participate in these activities. At the time of occurrence of such activities, the essential information that has to be collected from the users is revealed by the third party corporations and is completely a user’s call to allow or not for this compiling of personal information and its transfer to Skylark.

Use of Your Information

The information or data that we collect from you and that you provide to our website is used by us to enhance the quality of our services in order to provide you the best personalized customer experience like a quick response to the queries, offering the quote and process transactions. We will share this gathered information with the third parties only if:

  • We believe it is must to provide your ordered services.
  • In order to provide RSS feed, recent offers, promotional emails and other things that are beneficial to you. We do this only if you approve the subscription. Also, you can unsubscribe it once you make a request for it.

Retention of Your Information

Use of Personal Information

We gather your personal information in the form of queries you asked, comments you have done and the way you have monitored our website. While acknowledging them, we keep both ours as well as the third party’s rights in mind so that we can assure proper calibration with the terms and conditions.

Use of Other Information

In order to find out the number of visitors on our website, analyzing the response and popularity of various sections of the website, we may use varying information. Due to this, the content on our website becomes more worthy, and also the site can deliver targeted advertising and non-advertising content. This information is collected with the help of IP address that is used to find out the trends, manage the site, track the user’s actions, and collect wide demographic knowledge.

Retention of Information

Skylark keeps its users’ and visitors’ personal information confidential until it is essential or deemed to be useful. We are not bound to retain the information. It completely depends on our prudence that how we manage the information and dispose it off without notice subject to the law that particularly needs the management  and retention of information.

Sharing of Information

  • Advertisers and Others – We pass the identifiable information (that is other than personal) to the advertisers, businessmen and site providers whom we work with. These ad companies, in turn, may share your personal data with us, which they have collected without acknowledgment.
  • Third Party Sites – Skylark deals with the third party sites so that they provide both affiliated and non-affiliated sites to it as well as its users on its behalf. For instance, to get the marketing assistance and analyze the data. To accomplish these tasks, they might need some personal information.
  • Business Transfer – For the growth of business, two things are quite important – one is patience and the other is trust of customers. Since we have both, we can involve in the acts like selling or buying small businesses and properties, acquisitions, mergers, restructuring and changing of control. When such transactions occur, transfer of customer’s data is one of the most responsible assets. But, in the case of bankruptcy, information about the user may transfer to a bankruptcy trustee or debtor in ownership and from there to a successive purchaser.
  • Affiliates – If required, we can disclose the user information in front of corporate affiliates. Business affiliates are the individuals that are under Skylark’s control or under the control of a joint enterprise with us. This way, we can access our users’ information or data not only from our corporate affiliates but also from other websites that they visit regularly.
  • Compliance and Safety –  We can disclose our user’s information only if 1. It is in consent with the applicable law and in reaction to the legal actions like court orders, search warrants, and subpoenas. With this, it can also be in response to direct written complaints of property right infringement.

2. Disclosure of information must accomplish all the agreements comprising Terms and Conditions.

3. The information of user is required to avoid potential crimes or to inspect suspects.

4. It is a must that the release of personal data is done for the protection and safety of the website, visitors, users or clients. This assures safety from fraud and helps in risk reduction.

Information Security

To keep your personal information and data safe, we opt for the high security principles so that there will be minimum chances of its misuse. Thus, we assure you that all your personal data is free of any danger.

  • Your Agreements – Personal information should not be shared with anyone, and you have to save it from the unauthorized access or storage. For this, you have to protect your computer with a firewall. You have to do your best to protect your personal data from public infringement.
  • Our Security Measures – We shield the information or data of our users from unauthorized access through physical, electronic and managerial processes, however, we do not take any responsibility regarding this because all the systems are not completely flawless.


We are not answerable for the terms and conditions of the other sites whose links are usually seen on our site (Besides Skylark and our advertising clients). We want you to be attentive at the time you leave our website and read the privacy policy of other organizations carefully.


If you have shared your email address or any other contact information with us, we have the authority to send you regular mails in order to publicize our business.

Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions

  • Privacy Concerns – We control your access to the site and your worries related to privacy by the Terms and Conditions. Users can inform us at if there is any conflict about privacy at Skylark. We will try our best to solve out the matter. In case, you find any default in Terms, you can contact us at the address provided below.
  • Notice Needed by Law – A jurisdiction allows us to notify our customers by writing an email in cases of invasion of security system and to reveal the problem. Here, we use the most recent email id provided by you.
  • Identify Theft – You can write us at our address (provided below), to request information in case you believe that you are a victim of identity theft. In this way, we can help you in giving additional information. Once we have the complete information and details, we will give you information which is lawfully needed to be disclosed without any charge. Yet, some data is disclosed preserving our rights, terms and defense.

Updating Privacy Statement

Users are assumed to know very well about the policies and practices that have mentioned on the Privacy Policy page of Skylark. We have the rights to modify, amend or update these practices and policies without any previous notification.   Thus, we advise our customers to read our Privacy Policy regularly after sometime, as it is essential for them to be updated with the modified practices.

Contact Information and Information About Enforcement of Our Policy

If you have any queries regarding our site and Privacy Policy, you can mail us at In case, you have to send a legal notice to us, post it with attached return receipt via a registered mail service at –

1 Raffles Place #44-02 Tower 1 , Singapore